Fan Coil Unit

4 Way Cassette Fan Coil Unit (Cassy Series)

1)air flow:340-2380m3/h 2)cooling capacity: 2.52-13kw 3)2pipe/4pipe both available 4)electric heater is for option 5)group control for soption 6)Modbus for option 7)factory mounted condensate drain pump

Name Model Size Certificate
Cassy KM4 02-14 CE

High ESP duct fan coil unit (Hesp Series)

1)2pipe/4pipe both available 2)3rows/4rows/5rows/6rows coil available 3)Electric heater for option 4)high ESP 5)Blue fin 6)air flow:680-4590m3/h 7)cooling capacity: 3.7-26.5kw

Name Model Size Certificate
HESP WA-H 68-460 CE

Duct fan coil unit (Condu Series)

1)2pipe/4pipe both availale 2)2rows/3rows/4rows cooling coil available 3)Electric heater is for option 4)air flow range: 340-2380m3/h 5)cooling capcity: 1.95-16.04kw 6)plenum& filter is for option 7)ESP:12/30/50/70Pa

Name Model Size Certificate
Condu WA 34-238 CE

Floor/ceiling fan coil (Mulan Series)

1)Capacity:1.95-15.06kw floor/ceiling mounted 2)Air volume:340-2380m3/h. 3)Remove the cabinet then it will become concealed unit 4)Additional hot water coil can be mounted on to the main cooling coil to make it into 4 pipe at site 5)Pipe connection can be changed at site 6)front return and bottom return both available

Name Model Size Certificate
Mulan WMU 34-238 CE

European duct fan coil unit (Fledu Series)

1)cooling capacity:1.75-12kw 2)Air flow:340-2380m3/h 3)2pipe becomes 4pipe at site freely 4)Connect side can be changed at site freely

Name Model Size Certificate
Fledu WAC 34-238 CE
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